Homehagen draws its inspiration from traditional Scandinavian design


Jan Oliver Booth & Henrik Pedersen has worked in the interior and fashion industry both in London and in Copenhagen. They opened their first physical store in 2020
“Driven” to start a business that could grow based on their needs and desires to design and produce unique products. Everything with a strong aesthetic in high quality, at competitive prices and in harmony with the environment. All our products are Organic and Oeko-Tex® certified.
An important part of our success is the quality and choice of our partners who focus on how they produce their fabrics and textiles. By collaborating with textile experts from the famous Guimaraes region of Portugal, we are able to deliver a premium product that maintains a high standard of weaving. Manufacturers can also vouch for making a product that can withstand the test of time. Everything is made by skilled craftsmen who have worked in the same area since the 18th century.