Hypoallergenic bedding

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High thread count of 300/400 (extra finely woven / many threads per centimeter, which makes it impermeable to house dust mites)

  • Organic GOTS certified
  • ØEKO-TEX certified = no allergenic substances in the cover
  • Zipper for extra house dust mite security
  • Good quality – very durable
  • Can be washed at 60 degrees = house dust mites die from 55 degrees and up after

The home garden’s series of luxurious bedding in beautiful long-fiber satin woven and percale cotton. It has a very high thread count (TC) of 300 and 400 – ie. 400 threads have been used per inch / 2.54 cm. It’s really much and really close. In addition to the fact that it means a high wear resistance / strong quality, it also means that house dust mites can not penetrate the cover.

Research has shown that house dust mites have difficulty penetrating substances that have a TC / thread density of 246 and above. This bed set thus has a thread density of 400. In addition, a tight zipper.

All our organic bedding is spun from long-fiber organic cotton of the highest quality.

Part of our vision is that we can follow our cotton from the time it is harvested on the cotton field, to production and on to the consumer. This is so that we can ensure that every step of the process of organic cotton bedding takes place correctly.

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