Care instructions

Wash at a lower temperature

Thanks to modern washing machines and detergents, you no longer need to boil your laundry. A lower temperature still gets the job done while taking care of the environment. We're not saying you should always wash your bedding at 40°C, but this will be just fine for most of your washes.

Use environmentally friendly detergents

Choose an environmentally friendly detergent and do not use too much of it. Using a lot of detergent will have no effect on getting your laundry cleaner. Fabric softeners are popular but be aware that chemical fabric softeners can harm both the laundry and the environment. We recommend using organic fabric softeners.

Skip the tumble-dryer

Skipping the tumble dryer is probably the most significant choice both for doing the environment a favor and for keeping your clothes in good shape. Air drying is always the best option. But be sure to dry the clothes immediately and do not leave wet clothes in the machine, as this will crease the clothes unnecessarily and possibly cause mold.



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